The Green List

'It's Not A Diet. It's Called Eating Healthy.' Green List WHENEVER! Eat until satisfied. Enjoy during Preparation, Induction, Healing, Transformation and Maintenance Fruit And Vegetables All green leafy vegetables Artichoke hearts Asparagus Aubergine Avocado Bean sprouts Beans (e.g. green, runner, broad) Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Chard Courgettes Cucumber Endive Fennel Garlic Gem squash … Continue reading The Green List


A Tasty Belgian Festival At Vergenoegd Wine Estate!

'Happiness Is German Engineering, Italian Cooking And Belgian Chocolate.' - Patricia Briggs This past weekend I discovered the truth of this quote for myself. Unfortunately for Patricia Briggs, she left out the part about happiness also being Belgian waffles and Tintin comics! During their weekly market on Saturday, Vergenoegd Wine Estate just outside of Stellenbosch … Continue reading A Tasty Belgian Festival At Vergenoegd Wine Estate!