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…Once Upon A Time…

In South Africa, the fairest kingdom of them all, there was a little girl who dreamed of all the magic in the world. Some called her quirky and erratic, while others saw her as being curious and peculiar. The child grew into a woman and finally realised what it was that made her so unique…

For where her peers had ceased to believe in fairy tales, she never did. In her mind, the thorns did not detract from the beauty of the rose… if anything, they added to it. Where other girls grew up wanting to be princesses, she always thought of herself as a fairy. Because although princesses were the heroines of their own stories, fairies were the ones who enabled the princesses to create their own happy endings…

‘You’re Entirely Bonkers.

But I’ll Tell You A Secret…

All The Best People Are.’

– Alice In Wonderland

Today, at 22 years old, life to me is still a fairy tale, a seemingly ordinary story where the extraordinary happens when we manage to do the impossible. I believe in fairy tales not because they tell us that darkness exists, but because they teach us that darkness can be overcome and used to create light and happiness once more…

The truth is we all make mistakes. We all experience darkness and despair at some point in our lives. And sooner or later, we all feel like giving up. But in those moments, it is faith, hope and love – the stuff of fairy tales – that make us keep going until we see the light once more.

‘Life Itself Is The Most Beautiful Fairy Tail Of All.’

– Hans Christian Andersen

Two years ago, my father passed away and I realised it was from my own darkness that my greatest light was born. I had three choices open to me: I could let my grief define me, destroy me or let it strengthen me. I chose the latter. Since then, my fears and failures have become my strength and inspiration.

Today, I am the whimsical rebel, because I refuse to give up on the dreams I have, the life I want and the person I am. I follow my heart and although I’m still waiting for my magic wand to arrive in the mail, I’ve learned to make do with a pen (or you know, a keyboard).

‘She’s A Mess Of Gorgeous Chaos.

And You Can See It In Her Eyes.’

My goal in life is to inspire others to do the same, to help them see the beauty and the magic in themselves and the world around them, and to motivate them never to give up while that potential for light still lives in them.

To that end, I am writing this blog about my journey in becoming fearless in my passion for life and my faith in myself, while trying to soak up as much beauty in the world as possible!

While studying towards a degree in Psychology, I’m also currently working on the manuscript for my novel – the first in a fantasy series about never giving up on oneself. I hope to have it completed during the first few months of 2018. My dream is to become a successful author writing about struggles experienced by everyday people in fantasy settings.

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‘I’m Going To Do What I Want To Do.

I’m Going To Be Who I Really Am.

I’m Going To Figure Out What That Is.’

– Emma Watson

When I’m not working or writing, I enjoy losing myself in different realities – whether real or fictional! Exploring the Winelands and Cape Peninsula with my friends and camera, reading books, watching movies or going out dancing are some of my favourite pastimes!

This blog (and this page in particular) explores my own personal tastes, experiences, memories and life lessons as a young woman with a passion for life and a hunger to become the best version of myself. I’m ready for a lifetime of adventures!

Join me in this fairy tale and share in the seemingly-ordinary things that add a touch of magic to everyday life!

Be weird! Be random! Be you! With much love, Lize. Xx

‘Because It’s Never Too Late To Have Love, Laughter And Live Happily, Ever After…’


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