‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones.

The Rebels. The Troublemakers.

The Ones Who See Things Differently. While Some May See Them As The Crazy Ones, We See Genius.

Because The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones That Do.’

– Steve Jobs


Bonjour! Guten Tag! Ciao! Hello! Hi! Hey! Sanbonani! Sanibona! Dumela! Dumelang! Molweni! Heita! Haai! Howzit? ‘Sup?


Welcome to all the rebels, crazies, rule-breakers, rule-makers, evil geniuses, shy souls, everyday heroes, midgets, outcasts, geeks, dorks and dudes!!

Arm yourself and hold on to your fur baby because this is where the REBELLION AGAINST FEAR begins…

‘The Beautiful Thing About Fear Is,
When You Run To It, It Usually Runs Away.’

– Robin Sharma


This is the place where you REBEL against your FEARS, your INSECURITIES, your SELF-DOUBT and every voice that ever said “You can’t!”. This is where you unleash your will to FIGHT for WHO you are, WHAT you want, and what you BELIEVE in.

This is where you stop being AFRAID of being DIFFERENT, but rather be afraid of being the same as everyone else. This is where you GIVE yourself everything you’ve ever wanted. This where you LEARN not to fear MISTAKES, but rather FIND THE COURAGE to learn from them.

This is where you EMBRACE who you truly are. This is where you CHASE after your DREAMS, fighting for them by LOSING your fear of FAILURE and replacing it with a fear of NEVER TRYING. This is where you START OVER and CREATE a life that feels good in the inside as much as it does on the outside. This is where you learn to TRUST in yourself.

This is where you realise you are STRONG ENOUGH to STAND ALONE, SMART ENOUGH to know when you NEED HELP and BRAVE ENOUGH to ASK for it. This is where you find the COURAGE to LET GO of that which you cannot change.


‘Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Fears. They’re Not There To Scare You. They’re There To Let You Know That Something Is Worth It.’

– C. Joybell C.


Because in order to get something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done.

The worst mistake anyone can make is being afraid to make one. You only really fail when you stop trying. You only have one life… So, run towards your dreams as though you are on fire.

This is where you draw the line. This is where change happens. All with a spoonful of low-carb sweetener, of course!

Cheesy? Perhaps.

Corny? Totally.

Sappy? Definitely.

Bitchy? You betcha.

Too stubborn to give it up? You know it.

Over-caffeinated? Duh…

Welcome to my world. 


What is the WRebel about??

In a nutshell? Fearless living.

This website is about OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS, so that you can BE YOUR BEST SELF and LIVE YOUR HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST LIFE. Because, c’mon… isn’t that the real dream?

So, obviously, this is a lifestyle blog, but it is sooo much more than that. This website touches on ALL the necessary components needed in order to achieve optimal health and happiness. It’s about REBUILDING your health and wellbeing so that you can look, feel, smell, sound and taste amazing! We strip away all the nonsense: we eat REAL FOOD so that REAL HEALTH can shine through.



Unfortunately, there’s no sassy, itty-bitty, old lamp with a magic blue genie inside to grant all wishes of this kind. (If only!) What there is, is a treasure chest of information, experience, knowledge, step-by-steps, how-to’s, tips, articles, recipes, inspiration, motivation and personal testimony by yours truly (more of a fairy than a genie), all building on my own experiences and journey.

This website aims to help you, the reader, reach your full potential, enabling you to become the best versions of yourself, to achieve inner peace and sustainable happiness, while unleashing your true power… who you really are. On this website I explore the most basic of tricks, knowledge and wisdom we need to be the happiest, healthiest human beings we can be.


‘You Were Given This Life,
Because You Are Strong Enough To Live It.’


Who is the WRebel??

“I am the whimsical rebel that transcends fears.”


So take a curious, quiet, little girl who grew up wanting to be a crazy-cat-lady fairy capable of turning celery sticks into macaroons, add a dose of reality, a cup of 20 years, way too much caffeine, some cheesy dance moves and lifetime of loving lost causes… That rather colourful sentence sums me up quite perfectly, I think.

I am a 24 year old plus-sized, Afrikaans gal, who shares a flat with two, either-downright-devilish-or-angelic (depending on what day it is) rescue cats, Midnight and Rebel. I am also currently studying towards the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counselling from the University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • Diploma in counselling children and adolescents from the University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • Diploma in Banting coaching from Real Meal Revolution
  • Diploma in health coaching from the University of the Free State (UFS) and Coaching with Impact!

Although I am not yet certified as a health and Banting coach, I am allowed to take on test clients due to the practicum requirements of my courses.

While enjoying all that the winelands town of Stellenbosch has to offer, my munchkin minions and I are lazily plotting how to take over the world. (Warning: may involve Turkish Delight, flying tigers, big butts, broomsticks and enough fluff to cover Siberia.)

Join in my adventure and learn more about living a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle, how to lose weight safely and sustainably, how to enjoy moving about and being active, how to unleash your natural beauty and how to feed your body, mind and heart in order to become the fearless rebel that you’ve always been to live your to the fullest!


Join the Rebellion!!

The truth is that fear is not real. Fear is merely the product of our thoughts, like scary stories we tell ourselves. Fear is something we learn. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of getting hurt, fear of being alone, fear of being worthless and flawed, fear of being inadequate…

There is so much to be afraid of, but our fears only end up becoming our limits. The things we want most, however, are usually on the other side of fear.

But fear is also a choice. You let your fear decide your fate.

I am done not living my dreams because I’m busy living my fears. I am done letting my fear of what could happen actually end up making nothing happen. I am done listening to everything and everyone that tells me why I can’t or shouldn’t. I am done not chasing my dreams because others don’t have the courage to chase theirs. I am done letting my fear of failure result in actual failure. I will never again give up before I’ve even started.

Fear is nothing more than a prison, but today I am free… what about you?

‘Be A Rebel In Pursuit Of Your Dreams.’

– Tsepiso Makhubedu


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