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I Am A Writer.

I Am A Writer.

‘The world is not made of atoms.

The world is made of stories.’

– Muriel Ruykeser

Harry Potter… Lord of the Rings… The Hunger Games… Narnia… The Hobbit… The Sword of Truth… The Mortal Instruments… Fallen… Princess Diaries…

So many stories…

Each one of them is pure fiction and completely unrealistic, but the message they imparted was as real as anything in this could ever be. Believe in yourself and never give up – no matter how hopeless it may seem. And when I was faced with some of the most trying and darkest times of my life, it was this message I held on to.


‘People think that stories are shaped by people.

In fact, it’s the other way around.’

– Terry Pratchett

I remember almost every story I’ve ever read. I remember the characters’ pain and suffering, I remember their feelings of fear and rejection. I remember what made them stand up and try again. I remember them refusing to give up, no matter what the cost.

I am currently working on my first novel, but already have ideas for at least 5 more novel series after that. My dream is to become a published author and in this post, I share my motivation for wanting to do so.


Stories are what carried me through difficult times and challenges. Stories are what inspired me to keep trudging along no matter how disheartened and angry I felt. Stories are what kept me clinging to the best things about life.

And, when it came down to it, stories are what made me choose life over death.

‘Strange as it may seem, my life is based on a true story.’

– Ashleigh Brilliant

Whether fiction or reality, the message remained the same: where there is life, there is hope. As long as you have breath in your body, there is no limit to what you can do, to what you can overcome and what you can achieve. You only have to want it bad enough.

For me, that message became a kind of faith: knowing that if I kept going forward, I would eventually make it to the top of the mountain and be rewarded with the best of views. I might be sore and tired when I made it, but I would make it. No matter what.


As humans we live in an imperfect world – arguably one with more darkness than light these days. We cannot avoid suffering, pain, sadness, sickness, grief or fear. We can only deal with it in an effort not to let it get us down.

‘What are we but our stories?’

– James Patterson

When it comes down to it, each person is the sum of their experiences, the sum of their stories. Everything in life is a story: you’re a story, I’m a story. And every experience, every memory, every story… it all adds up to what we believe in and what we do not.

The stories we’ve witnessed and the ones we yearn for are what sustain us. They drive us. They motivate us. They carry us through the good and the bad.


‘We age not by years, but by stories.’

Each of us is already a writer. We are the writers of our own stories. We spend our time either adding to our story or the telling of it. No one else can tell your story for you. No one else can write it for you. You have to write it yourself. Life is a story… what does yours say?


Behind every scar and every smile, there is a story. A story that says I’ve survived, I’ve found happiness regardless of how much I’ve suffered. When you can tell your story with pride, you will know you are healed. You will know you are whole again.

Your life, your story… it’s your message to the world. It could be the key to unlocking someone else’s prison. Your testimony could change the world. Don’t be ashamed of it.

Life is a story, so make sure that yours is a bestseller!


‘You are the hero of your own story.’

– Joseph Campbell

Science, money, technology let us hang on to life, but it is the stories we experience that tell us why we should hang on to life. Hearing stories of people who overcome the same obstacles I have faced (or even worse!) is what gives me hope. It empowers me never to give up and to keep calm and carry on, as the poster goes.

Sometimes, the darkness makes us blind to the light, making it easier to lose hope and give up. And for me, that is why I write. The sting of the thorns does not make the rose any less beautiful. Never give up on the things that make you want to keep living. You choose how your story ends, but not if you leave it in someone else’s hands.

‘I write not because I can, but because I am. I am a writer.’

Lize M. Franken


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