My Health, Fitness And Weight Loss Goals

My health, fitness and weight loss goals

‘She Believed She Could So She Did.’

If you’ve been keeping up with my latest posts on #My52KgJourney, then you’ll know I’m taking on inner demons and working to become my best self, the healthiest and happiest version I can be. But, determining one’s weight-related goals can be rather tricky. For starters, you have to define very clearly exactly what your goal means…

If your goal is to be healthy, then how would you define that? Are you healthy when you’re following an LCHF diet? Or when your type-2 diabetes has been reversed? Or would you consider yourself to be healthy once you’ve lost all your excess weight, regardless of the fact that you have starved yourself to achieve it?

As a teenager, my health was directly connected to my weight. If I was skinny, I was healthy. And yet, somehow I could never quite explain exactly what ‘skinny’ meant to me. When I considered myself to be overweight, my perception of what ‘skinny’ is was very different from how I defined this label when I was underweight. Consequently, I never achieved my goal, because my definition of it was not specific.


So, when I set out to determine my goals with this challenge to improve my health and weight, I did my best to be as specific and clear as possible. And with the help of the ‘SMART’ goal-setting principle, I think I have been successful in this!

I know my goals will be measurable: thanks to the existence of that judgemental scale and a pesky measuring band, I can easily track my progress in losing 52 kg.

Each one of my goals are attainable through following a LCHF diet, a balanced exercise program, and doing exercises designed to improve my body image and identify the deeper, psychological motivation behind my unhealthy habits.

‘The Harder You Work For Something, The Greater You’ll Feel When You Achieve It.’

As to how relevant my goals are, I chatted with my physician… She maintained that it was more than possible for me to achieve them, and that it would not detriment my harm if I were to do it as I planned, but added that I should not be so desperate to achieve my goals that I harm my body in the process of achieving them. Instead, she recommended that along with changing my eating habits, I also practice patience.

Some people lose weight quickly due to a fast-acting metabolism, she said, while it takes more time with others. While I do know of other individuals who have managed to lose such a huge amount of weight in a similar amount of time using the LCHF diet, there is no way of knowing how my metabolism will react to these regimental changes after years of being submitted to fad dieting, starvation, bingeing and stress.

Most people lose an average of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week while on a low-carb diet. This means that in order to lose a total of 52 kg it could take me anything from 52 to 104 weeks – in theory that is.

‘You Should Set Goals Beyond Your Reach So You Always Have Something To Live For.’

– Ted Turner

When it comes down to it, I may have to adjust the amount of time during which I hope to achieve my goals. The current timeframe in which I plan to achieve my goals is quite clearly laid out: from 25 February 2018 to 4 August 2019.


…My Weight Loss Goals…

My goal weight is 52 kg or (which would put my BMI at 20). I am naturally small with a fine, delicate bone structure and given my height, I do not believe this to be an unrealistic goal. I do think that, irrespective of what the BMI scale says, that if I were to let my weight drop below 50 kg or 110 pounds it would be unhealthy.

I do, however, want to accomplish much more than just losing 52 kg when it comes to my health and appearance. Losing weight is not nearly enough!

As you have probably guessed, I am a greedy person when it comes to goals… and, sadly, red velvet cheesecake…


…My Health Goals…

As far as my general health goes, I would like to:

  • sleep better
  • increase my energy
  • improve my concentration
  • achieve hormonal balance
  • reduce food cravings
  • regulate my appetite
  • minimise my risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer

Presently, I suffer from bloating, stomach aches, acid reflux, constipation, frequent gas and nausea. I am devoted to ending this war with my digestive system.

I would also really like to stop my blood-sugar levels rollercoasting all day long. One minute I’m the Energiser bunny, and the next I look like an extra from Walking Dead. No more energy spikes and crashes! No more feeling dizzy and light-headed!

I want to free myself from my dependence on caffeine and sugar. If I don’t manage to drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day, then you do not want to be around me. If you had to put me and a grizzly bear side-by-side, I would scare you more! Grrrrrr…

‘It’s Going To Be Hard, But Hard Is Not Impossible.’

Another major goal as it relates to my health, is to improve my ability to process and cope with both emotional and physical stress. I want to break the cycle of emotional eating and guilt. I want to free myself from stiff muscles and headaches brought on by tension. I often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, worried, anxious and irritable.

And, finally, I want to end my negative, guilt-ridden, love-hate relationship with food. Rather than the snarling, grumpy and resentful gorger I am now, I want to change into a calm, happy, mindful eater. I want to be someone who actually enjoys eating healthy food and who is not controlled by it!


…My Fitness Goals…

Ultimately, I would want my body to cope effortlessly with any physical test I put it to, whether it is CrossFit, SWEAT 1000, Zumba, yoga, running a marathon, mountain-climbing, kick-boxing, or belly dancing.

But for the foreseeable future of the next 8 months, I would be satisfied if I could run a 5km race without having to slow down or catch my breath. At the end of this challenge I want at least have an intermediate level of stamina, strength and flexibility. It’ll be enough for me if I have mastered the basics of running, yoga, and weight training.

Feel free to laugh at this, but I would also squeal like a demented Meerkat if I could manage one decent push-up before the floor whacks me in the face. I don’t think I’ve managed that since I broke my left wrist when I was 10 ten years old…

‘Goals Give You More Than A Reason To Get Up In The Morning. They Are An Incentive To Keep You Going All Day Long.’

– Harvey MacKay

I used to be a rather avid ballroom and Latin dancer, but I haven’t danced in a long time, since gaining so much weight. And I really miss it! Every time I hear a song, my feet and hips instinctively move of their own accord… My main fitness goal for this journey is therefore to regain my prowess, ability and competency as a dancer.

I want to be a stronger, healthier and more confident version of myself!

Will I succeed? Or am I destined to waddle my way through life?

We shall see… Subscribe to this blog and follow me on social media to find out…

Dum-dum duuuuuuuuuuum…

‘Eyes Forward. Mind Focused. Heart Ready.

Game On, World.’

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