My 52 Kg Journey

My 52 Kg Journey

‘You Cannot Change What You Refuse To Confront.’

Hi everyone! What’s up? Today, I’d like to start off by telling you a bit more about my own personal upcoming challenge of learning to accept, love and appreciate my body by first learning how to accept, love and appreciate myself.

All in the hopes of learning to love life!

This blog will follow me on my journey as I work to follow a low-carb diet, start exercising, lose weight, rid myself of insecurities and learn to love myself – just the way I am. But before I tell you how I plan to do all this, or what you can expect from me during this journey, let me tell you the story behind it all..


The boobs, the brain and the booty…

Like many other young women I have had a hate-love relationship with my body. For most of my life. I went on my first diet when I was 10 years old. Throughout high school I tried almost every diet imaginable, even when I wasn’t actually overweight. But in 2015 my father passed away and everything changed, including my health and my weight.

Since January 2017 alone I think I’ve gained about 15 kilograms. Lately there are only 2 stores who stock clothing big enough to fit me. My jeans are already becoming too small. And stretch marks are crawling all over my body like purply-blueish spider webs…

And as of today, I weigh 105.4 kg OR 232.4 lbs… The heaviest I’ve ever been. And as for my health… Let’s save that for another post.

After I weighed myself on this bonny Sunday morning (a weekly ritual), I felt like crying after I saw how fat and heavy I had become. I took a good, hard look in the mirror… What I saw wasn’t pretty, nor healthy.


And I had no-one to blame for my disappointment but myself.

It took everything I had not to start crying, or go out and buy 2 litres of ice-cream and drown my emotions in it.

All I kept thinking is what is wrong with me? It feels like every Sunday morning I embark on a new weight loss journey
And every Sunday evening I give it up to enjoy another batch of junk food.

Why can’t I stay committed? Why do I give up before even really starting? Why can’t I do this?

And as I was thinking this, I paged through January 2018’s edition of LoseIt!, my favourite low-carb magazine, and read this article about a teenager who lost 54 kilograms in 10 months.

An hour later, I came upon another article in this summer’s Fat Loss magazine about @Fatgirlfedup Lexi Reed who lost 129 kg in 18 months.

And there I was sitting, wondering why I couldn’t even stick with healthy eating for more than a day. I mean, if a teenager can focus and devote himself to a healthier lifestyle and lose 54 kg in 10 months time, then I, a 22-year old, should at least be able to stick it out for more than a day.

Goal = to lose 52 kg
My goal therefore is to weigh in at 52 kg on my 24th birthday, 18 months from now, on the 4th of August 2019. (Hence the name ‘My 52 Kg Journey’…)

Why 52 kg? An ideal weight of 52 kg will put me at a body mass index (BMI) of 20.3, given that I’m 1.6 metres tall. In other words, 52 kg is a healthy weight for me to be given that I’m short, rather fine-boned and petite in build.

My plan of action is a simple one – in theory at least. I am going to make the change-over to a low-carb, high-fat diet, and start exercising again. All the while, learning to love my body and myself. Each of these aforementioned components will be addressed in the 5 phases of my plan: Preparation, Induction, Healing, Transformation, Maintenance.


My savings jar for a seaside weekend at the Marine Hotel in Hermanus once I’ve got my bikini body!

For every 1 kg I lose, I will save up R100 to be spent on a beach weekend at the Marine Hotel in Hermanus when I achieve my goal weight of 52 kg.

To keep myself motivated in the short-term, I will splurge on one make-up item from Lancôme for every 4 kg that I lose. Another way to stay motivated will of course be by sharing my journey online.

‘Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way.’

When I opened up about these feelings and realisations to my closest friends, I discovered that many of them felt the same. It got me wondering how many other people around the world shared these feelings of frustration…

I have been so inspired by all the other online stories of people turning their lives around, it got me thinking that I would like to inspire others in a similar way.

It would be a way to make something positive out of what has mostly been a negative experience.

Opening up online for all the world to witness is quite frankly a terrifying thought… There are a lot of haters out there…

‘It’s Not That Some People Have Willpower And Others Don’t. It’s That Some People Are Ready To Change And Others Are Not.’

– James Gordon

The other, more personal reason for sharing my journey online is that I want to prove to myself that I am brave enough to go after something I want, that I can do this.

That I can do whatever I put my mind to. That I can overcome my fears and insecurities. That I can be my best self!

Every month you can expect a new blog post with an update on my weight loss results and the lifestyle changes I have made. Whenever I get the chance, I’ll also try to add some additional diet, fitness, weight loss articles and my recipes. So make sure to subscribe to this website!

For daily updates on my journey follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for being on board and if you’re on your own journey of weight loss and self-love, hang in there! You are not alone! Keep at it!
Much love! Lize, xx


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