My Health, Fitness And Weight Loss Goals

'She Believed She Could So She Did.' If you've been keeping up with my latest posts on #My52KgJourney, then you'll know I'm taking on inner demons and working to become my best self, the healthiest and happiest version I can be. But, determining one's weight-related goals can be rather tricky. For starters, you have to … Continue reading My Health, Fitness And Weight Loss Goals


The Black List

'There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food.' - George Bernard Shaw   Black List NEVER EVER Eat in limited amounts during Preparation and Induction. Prohibited forever thereafter! General Any food items with added sugar Crisps Fast food (unless you know the ingredients) Sugary condiments (e.g. salad dressings, marinades, ketchup) Dairy-Related Commercial cheese … Continue reading The Black List

The Grey List

'I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry...'   Grey List Be wary of these food items. These foods are not necessarily high in carbs or sugar, but they may not be real nor healthy. Drinks All alcoholic beverages Protein shakes Supplements Vegetarian Proteins Naturally fermented tofu Pea protein Processed soy

The Red List

'Part Of The Secret Of Success In Life Is To Eat What You Like..' - Mark Twain   Red List HARDLY EVER Eat until satisfied during Preparation and Induction. Prohibited during Healing and Transformation. Eat only limited amounts during Maintenance. Gluten-Free Grains And Grain Products Amaranth Arrowroot Buckwheat Bran Gluten-free pasta Gluten-free oats Millet Popcorn … Continue reading The Red List

The Yellow List

'The Only Thing I Like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating.' - John Walters   Yellow List INFREQUENTLY Eat until satisfied during Preparation, Induction, Healing, Maintenance. Not recommended during Transformation. Drinks And Beverages Coffee Tea (caffeinated) Fruit or yoghurt smoothies without frozen yoghurt or ice-cream Fertilizers Kombucha Water kefir Flours Non-GMO and gluten-free. Any … Continue reading The Yellow List

The Orange List

'One Cannot Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well, If One Has Not Dined Well.' - Virginia Woolf   Orange List EVERY NOW AND AGAIN Eat until satisfied during Preparation, Induction and Healing. Eat in limited amounts during Transformation and Maintenance. Eat only one item per day and follow the limitations for each food type. Nuts … Continue reading The Orange List